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A Closer Look at Side Delights® Grillables

Feel the thrill; it’s the season of the grill.

All across North America, barbecues are being wheeled out of their storage spaces, uncovered and prepped for backyard feasts, and shoppers are already exploring the aisles in search of products to cook in the flames.

As they walk the produce aisle, their eyes will settle on the glint of gold and silver emanating from Side Delights’ Grillables™ line. The color choice was undoubtedly intentional, as these products are as precious as the metals their foil mimics.

Individually wrapped for convenience, the Russet and sweet potatoes are ready to be tossed on the grill alongside consumers’ favorite cookout foods. Grillables come in a 3 count tray, equaling less food waste and less messy cleanup after the party is over.

No grill? No problem! For shoppers who don’t have access to a barbecue, Grillable potatoes can be thrown in the oven and baked to deliciousness for the same taste of summer straight from the kitchen—Side Delights wants to make sure that no consumer is left behind when it comes to tasty potato options.

To support its grocery partners, the brand has many fun recipes and preparation ideas to create well-stocked displays that will have shoppers’ creative juices flowing and registers ringing.

The thrill of grilling season is for more than just consumers. Retailers, you too can get in on the excitement by adding Grillables to your produce department.The Snack Endstop