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A Closer Look at Giorgio® Savory Wild® Portabella Jerky

It’s a great time for veggie lovers and plant-based enthusiasts as our vast industry continues to explore the many ways to enjoy all things fresh. And what better way to bring those curious customers to try new things than by flipping a familiar product?

Mushrooms are often credited with a meaty, umami profile; Giorgio Fresh is using this profile to bridge categories with Giorgio® Savory Wild® Portabella Jerky. Portabella mushrooms take on a new persona as Giorgio brings jerky to vegan and vegetarian shoppers. I have a sweet and spicy tooth, so the Sesame, Ginger & Korean Chili flavor is calling my name.

For eclectic consumers needing variety, Giorgio has your shelves covered as it recently added new smoky hits to its range, featuring Smokehouse Bacon, Hot & Spicy Cajun Style, Roasted Garlic & Black Pepper, and Sweet Balsamic & Golden Fig.

Simple, delicious, award-winning, and meaty-textured, the jerkies capture shoppers’ interest as they reach for the sleek and inviting zip-top bag. Key nutritional values are imprinted right on top of fresh produce items that inspired the flavor. Bold tags such as “plant-based” and “non-GMO” attract consumers’ eyes.

Jerky is a staple for any outdoor adventure, in convenience store aisles, or on shelves by the register. By giving this beloved meat-based snack a delicious twist, Giorgio is making it easy for shoppers to incorporate a little veg in the day.

So, broaden the mushroom—and jerky—reach, and make sure to snag a few for yourself. The Snack Endstop