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A Closer Look at Homegrown Organic Farms Buck Brand

Just as one might nickname their tall friend “Shorty” and their muscle-bound pal “Slim,” Homegrown Organic Farms’ (HGO) new organic specialty citrus program, Buck Brand, is labeled a microbrand, but that shouldn’t keep you thinking small.

Adding to its growing portfolio of microbrands, HGO’s Buck Brand program offers 40 varieties in total, ranging from organic kumquats, Finger limes, and Buddha’s hand lemons to mango oranges and everything in between—not to mention its rare Heirloom Navel Oranges.

Like miners excavating the citrus category, HGO has found a rare gem with the Heirloom Navels originating from groves of first-generation, old stock trees dating back over 100 years. With only a limited scattering of original trees in existence, they produce a rich flavor and a taste experience that will knock the socks off of any shopper.

All of Buck Brand’s organic specialty citrus, including its Heirloom Navels, is grown on a 250-acre farm outside of Porterville, California—a region that maintains an ideal microclimate for the growing needs of each variety.

In addition to catering to the needs of its fruit, the program also features cutting-edge varietal development. Anticipating a 10 percent increase in new variety expansion over the next five years, consumers will remain engaged while retailers will continue to have unique new opportunities for promotions.

Having hit shelves last November, the Buck Brand microbrand has proven to be anything but small, and the same can be said for buyers’ chances to ramp up category dollars with these offerings added to their produce aisle displays.

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