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A Closer Look at Lipman Family Farms® Compostable Packaging

Perfectly picked peppers in propitiously premium packaging? (I should submit that to the tongue twisters guild.)

To what does that insanely alliterative sentence refer, you may wonder! Why, none other than the compostable clamshells that make up the sustainable packaging line at Lipman Family Farms®.

My focus zeroes in on the peppers for a multitude of reasons. I adore a snacking pepper, and I know that consumers like me want something easy to grab and delicious to munch. Add a sustainable option on top of that, and we’re all racing down the aisle.

As a beautiful eco-friendly option, the packaging encasing the peppers has a bright burst of sunbeam across it—signaling sunny days ahead with this item in store. Whimsical outlines of the veggie inside—in my case, Organic Mini Sweet Peppers—woo the shopper’s eye. Each option of the lineup, which includes organic options for mini cucumbers, green beans, and grape tomatoes, feauture this touch. Bright lettering also tells them they’re about to eat a product that is Grown True and all organic.

You’ll be a prickly Pete if you miss the chance to add this category-driving product to your shelves.The Snack Endstop