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A Closer Look at Local Bounti’s Asian Style Chicken Lettuce Wrap Kit

Is pink the new green? A color inherently associated with fresh, and with return on investment, it’s no wonder why green is a veritable blanket across the produce department. So, when I first saw a bright—and I mean bright—pink box amid products being showcased, my eye was drawn like a moth to flame.

It was radiant, clean, and complemented a blooming green head of butter lettuce remarkably well. It was Local Bounti’s recently launched Asian Style Chicken Lettuce Wrap Kit.

Kits are among the latest and greatest in the expanding convenience sector. Yet Local Bounti is upping the ante not just with premium, delicious fresh items ready for consumers to enjoy in just a few minutes, but by ensuring the pack doesn’t get lost in the grocery aisle, let alone the fridge.

I could go on about the low 120 calories per serving; the easy-prep nature of the kits containing sustainably greenhouse-grown living butter lettuce, chef-inspired chicken and veggies, and a tangy sauce; the reduction of waste and boosted access to healthy food…but great features are lost if the package isn’t picked up. This box, amid a sea of innovation, stood out to me.

This debut to the heat-and-eat category is a commanding one for Local Bounti, and I am eager to see what else the supplier has up its sleeve. Meanwhile, next time I’m shopping for a healthy meal, I’ll be looking for a pink box.The Snack Endstop