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A Closer Look at Mann Packing Co. MANN Air Fryer Veggie Kit

Air fryers. Whether you love them or hate them (are they really just glorified toaster ovens?), this trade news writer was excited when she got her own. Many a dish has been made, and the next one will be a MANN™ Air Fryer Veggie Kit.

Mann Packing Co. is no stranger to the value-added scene. With an endeavor to meet trends and appeal to shoppers’ needs for an easy midweek meal, the company rolled out these simple packages made specifically for the air fryer.

Healthy chicken sauté on the menu? Just pop in the Broccoli with Lemon Herb for a delicious side to adorn the plate. Not your fancy? Cauliflower with Parmesan Peppercorn and Green Beans with Charred Onion and Bacon also grace the product range. The kits are a simple open, pour, and cook, and the veggies will be done before the entrée is. Now that’s convenience.

We as consumers can’t help but be drawn to versatility, so you know your shoppers will be delighted to hear that the kits also work in the microwave. Be sure to hit their visual senses by stocking all three varieties next to each other for a bigger impact, for once they’ve tried one, they’ll be back to grab two extra bags next time.

Turn impulse into intention, and your shoppers will thank you.The Snack Endstop