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A Closer Look at Mucci Farms Veggies- to-Go Program

A recent rebrand has tongues wagging. With a sleek new look to drive impact and sales in the produce department, Mucci Farms’ Veggies-to-Go program is the certified It Girl of the season.

For retailers looking to appeal to today’s busy consumers, Veggies-to-Go offers healthy snacking solutions in a bright and engaging format. The color palette, grounded in pastel blues and purples, pairs well with the striking color of the greenhouse-grown vegetables housed within. The graphics are adorable as well, with bell peppers acting as rockets or grape tomatoes stenciled to look like helicopters.

There are multiple options to choose from, including Mucci Farms’ award-winning Sun Drops Sweet Grape Tomatoes, CuteCumber Poppers, and Sweet-to-the-Point mini pointed peppers.

The aesthetics of Veggies-to-Go are undeniable, as are the benefits. Available in a versatile range of specs and sizes—including new 5 oz Top Seal offerings customizable with 2 and 3 pack paper banding options, as well as a family variety package with bag options—there’s no stopping the momentum of the program.

To support its retail partners further, Mucci Farms offers engaging point-of-sale (POS) displays to further draw in the consumer eye.

Children and parents alike will be envious of the snacking showroom with Veggies-to-Go in their lunch pails.The Snack Endstop