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A Closer Look at Naturipe Snacks Berry Parfaits


Both a major source of freedom and the root of uncertainty for many consumers as they hit the grocery aisles.

When it comes to consumer packaged goods, shoppers often find themselves choosing between flavor and nutritional benefits as they search for the perfect option. But, Naturipe Snacks™ is stepping up to the plate, joining forces with Chobani to roll out its new Berry Parfaits, which give snackers the best of both worlds.

Right off the bat, the elegant, innovative packaging will have shoppers intrigued. Naturipe designed the parfaits with all ingredients separated in a container where they can later be mixed, ensuring crunchy granola, fresh-tasting berries, and amazing convenience for consumers on-the-go. The result keeps any of the well-curated aspects of the product from losing their luster.

Further crystallizing shoppers’ decisions, the containers are made using less plastic, advancing the berry maven’s sustainability mission and further enticing consumers to favor this value-added offering over others in the case.

The 6 oz Berry Parfaits will be available in Doubleberry Crunch—featuring delicious, fresh Naturipe blueberries paired with Chobani’s nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt and granola—and Vanilla Crunch, containing Naturipe blueberries alongside Chobani nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt with a sweet crunch of granola.

Whether displayed in the yogurt case or front-and-center in the produce aisle, the only choice your shoppers will have to make when it comes to Naturipe Snacks’ Berry Parfaits is how many they think they can fit in their fridge.The Snack Endstop