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A Closer Look at Ocean Mist® Farms Value-Added Broccoli Slaw

The simple (but complex) act of slicing into a piece of fresh produce multiplies the range of its possibilities in both intentional and unexpected ways. While saving on labor and promoting convenience to boot, value-added fresh produce programs make it easier for consumers to eat, play with, love their favorite dishes even more, and generate new preparations for staple categories.

Ocean Mist® Farms is one company that knows the potential of the value-added well and continues to bring new and innovative items to retailers. These most recent moves include the debut of the company’s Broccoli Slaw and 2 lb sizes of value-added products featuring broccoli florets, a vegetable medley, and Brussels sprouts.

While all these new options can truly round out the benefits of the fresh produce department for every retailer, I personally love the possibilities of Broccoli Slaw. The value-added gain has changed my ingredient spread for sandwiches, burgers, pasta dishes, salads—you name it. Adding texture, flavor, and nutritional value, Broccoli Slaw makes it more convenient than ever to up my produce consumption—which signifies to me that there are probably more consumers out there looking for such resources.

Personally, I love to see the quality of my value-added purchase presented front-and-center in packaging as well—a benefit that Ocean Mist Farms achieves with its window-to-the-slaw combo of broccoli, carrots, and cabbage. Eye-catching for all the right reasons.

What more could a girl ask for? A couple more bags, I suppose.The Snack Endstop