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A Closer Look at Peri & Sons Farms® Gourmet Organic Shallots

We’ve all heard the guidance, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” but for Peri & Sons Farms® Gourmet Organic Shallots, what’s on the outside is equally important.

The grower’s recently launched Gourmet Organic Shallots may be little, but pack a mighty punch of flavor and sustainability. Through this new offering, Peri & Sons delivers both high-caliber quality and innovative biodegradable, recyclable, and plastic-free clamshells to entice environmentally conscious shoppers when they hit the grocery aisles.

To top it off, the company used its creative eye to supply visual appeal to complement the sustainability factor. Featuring a beautiful, natural-themed design, the clamshells will deliver a one-two punch, drawing consumers in and getting them to add the premium product to their carts with the promise of environmental-friendliness.

For retailers, the Gourmet Organic Shallots offer practicality and ease as the boxes can be displayed using a 12-count shipping tray or stacked to erect a breathtaking holiday presentation. With its PeriCare® customer service program, the company can also provide its buy-side partners with additional customized merchandising support to make life a breeze.

Having just launched this fall, Peri & Sons’ Gourmet Organic Shallots will be accompanied by its Premium Shallots line and will be available to buyers September through March—the perfect window to grab extra register rings as shoppers prepare for their holiday feasts.

Need I say more? Get Peri & Sons’ Gourmet Organic shallots on your shelves, and then grab a seat and watch as they practically sell themselves.The Snack Endstop