Peruvian Onions

A Closer Look at Peri & Sons Farms New Organic Packaging

What is life without a little onion? Not as flavorful, in my opinion, and flavor reigns in our industry. So, to help push the flavor train to the buy-side station, Peri & Sons Farms has come out with a new line of premium products and packaging.

The new Little Organic Gourmet Onions pack a mighty punch in a little package, and my hand instantly reaches for the Organic Red Pearl Onions. Shoppers will gladly jump on board with products that are versatile, flavorful, and last longer in the kitchen, and these gems fit that description to the ‘t.’ These Organic Pearl Onions add a sweet element when sautéed and a vibrant red to make any dish pop.

Peri & Sons Farms’ new gourmet onions are also perfect for earth-friendly shoppers. The plastic-free packaging is beautiful, biodegradable, and single-stream recyclable, giving consumers ease of mind when shopping. Available in Red Pearls, White Pearls, Cipollini Onions, and Shallots, each little package of gems are grown using Certified Sustainably Grown farming practices and are also USDA Certified Organic.

Add some fuel to the fire with a little gourmet offering, and consumers will book their one-way ticket in no time.