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A Closer Look at Sambrailo Packaging Closed Dry Pint

When architect Louis H. Sullivan coined the phrase “form ever follows function,” he might not have had produce in mind. But, as always, innovators within this industry took this notion to heart and crafted packaging that is beautiful in its simplicity and ingenious in its design.

One such innovator is none other than Sambrailo Packaging.
Pushing the envelope in packaging design, the company announced new additions to its ReadyCycle® product line earlier this year. These included a ReadyCycle 1 lb clamshell with removable film covering, a half-pint open basket, a 6 oz closed basket, and a closed dry pint.

When I first saw the products, I was particularly struck by the closed dry pint, which features cardboard panels that are fully customizable to allot for print messaging. Just look at how those colors pop! The diamond viewing window allows an optimum view of the product while also protecting it from falling out. With September marking prime tomato season, the closed dry pint offers the industry packaging that is functional and eye-catching.

You can see why I was inspired by the blend of form and function, as the closed dry pint is an intuitive and sustainable option for consumers. Shoppers want products that look familiar but break fresh ground, and this packaging would look at home at both the farmers market and their local retailer.

As architect Mies van der Rohe stated, “God is in the details.” Sambrailo Packaging may very well be on its way to becoming a packaging deity in its own right.The Snack Endstop