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A Closer Look at That’s Tasty Living Organic Herbs

In an industry where fresh is literally in the name, what could offer consumers a fresher option than products grown right at home? With shoppers everywhere trying their hand at gardening as a new hobby, and with organic demand at an all-time high, Shenandoah Growers’ That’s Tasty™ brand’s living herbs line, along with its newly expanded program, offers retailers the chance to get in on the action and strike while the iron is hot.

Shenandoah offers over 30 different varieties and sizes of herbs that will fit the varying needs of any shopper demographic. All of the herbs available are grown and cultivated in an indoor growing system, which guarantees consistency across the entire lineup and high-quality herbs at an affordable cost all year long.

To give retailers an extra tool to add to their belts, Shenandoah has also unveiled retail-ready displays that put living herbs front and center to catch the eyes of shoppers in the produce aisles and maximize sales. With their vibrant, fresh colors, there is no way consumers will be able to pass by these displays without stopping to marvel at the unique offerings and add them to their carts.

While we may not all have a green thumb, this collection can bring your shoppers a little closer to embracing their inner grower. Combining sustainability, consistency, and promotional value, Shenandoah’s living herbs line is the perfect new addition to your aisles.The Snack Endstop