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A Closer Look at New Mastronardi Produce® Angel Sweet® Snacking Cup

Anything new comes with an inherent risk—the unknown of whether the latest products will land in repeat purchases or pass quietly into the ventures of lessons learned.

Until now.

The new Angel Sweet® snacking cup from Mastronardi Produce® is as close to a guarantee as new launches can provide in fresh produce, born of a combination of data and design prowess from a company that has proven it knows what it is doing in the packaging space.

A grooved, cube-like shape makes the container grabbable and stackable, and a pop of color on a resealable lid grabs attention while the otherwise clear container gives a full view of the prized grape tomatoes inside. Then consumers can either reuse or recycle the pint-sized cup, utilizing these design features again and again.

Why does this hit all the marks consumers could ever ask for? Because, as Mastronardi Produce shared upon the product’s unveiling at the International Fresh Produce Association’s 2022 Global Produce & Floral Show, it was contrived based on what consumers reported to the company’s research team were their wants, needs, and pitfalls with packaging.

While it’s true that nothing is ever a sure thing, as the saying goes: A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are made for. And neither are those of us in fresh produce.

But, I would put my money on Mastronardi Produce’s new Angel Sweet pack being as close to surefire as we can bet.The Snack Endstop