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A Closer Look at The Star Group Just Fresh Salads

How do you mesmerize shoppers? No, I’m not asking a crystal ball for answers—I already have a fortune of my own to tell. The launch of The Star Group’s Just Fresh™ Salads are about to hypnotize anyone who walks past this lineup, and retailers should pay heed. 

Available in four different recipes such as the Feta & Beet Bliss Salad—which I’ve definitely got my eye on—Avocado Crunch Salad, Burrito Bowl, and Modern Caesar, Just Fresh Salads blend eye-catching branding with convenience. Crafted with premium ingredients, every portion comes with fresh-made dressings and Canadian-grown greenhouse leafy greens. Plus, the mouthwatering recipes are perfect for shoppers on the go. It’s only a matter of opening, flipping, shaking, and, of course, enjoying! 

The hexagonal shape separates the toppings into five compartments, with the dressing in a separate container. No longer do consumers have to worry about watching their salad wilt or their toppings lose crunch due to everything being mixed in. Plus, the separation of the ingredients allows for shopper customization. In this day and age, I know how important even the smallest choices are. 

Peer into the future with me for just one moment, and see how many shoppers will be enamored with Just Fresh Salads. Another fortune before you go—you may want to stock up ASAP.The Snack Endstop