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WTF Do I Do With
The Original Baby Potatoes ?!

‐ One Bite, Baby Bite Fries ‐

1½ lb package The Original Baby Potatoes, washed

2 qts vegetable oil, for frying



Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 20–30 mins

Servings: 8


1 Using a French fry cutter, slice the potatoes into ¼ ̎ thick sticks.

2 Soak the potato slices in cold water for 1–2 hours to remove the starch.

3 Rinse the fries in cold water and then lay them out in a single layer on paper towels or a dish towel. Pat them dry.

If Baking

4 Place the potato slices in a bowl or large locking baggie and toss with up to ¼ cup vegetable oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

5 Lightly spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Place the fries in a single layer on the baking sheet.

6 Bake at 400° F for 15–20 minutes.

7 Remove from oven. Move the fries around on the sheet to avoid sticking. Lay them again in a single layer and bake for another 10 minutes or until the fries look crispy and golden-brown.

If Frying

4 Heat the oil to 325° F in a deep fryer or a Dutch oven. You will need to fry the potatoes in batches. Don’t overcrowd the fryer or the fries will not be as crispy.

5 Using a slotted spoon, place the first batch in the heated oil. Fry for 5–6 minutes and place on a paper towel. Fry the rest of the batches and allow to cool.

6 Increase the heat of the oil to 400° F. In batches, fry the potatoes a second time for 5 minutes or until the fries are crisp and golden-brown.

7 Remove and place on paper towels to drain.

8 Sprinkle with salt and enjoy these one bite baby fries with any sauce or condiment of your choosing!

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