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WTF Do I Do With
Sunkist® Valencia Oranges ?!


2 Sunkist® Valencia Oranges, zested

2 cups Sunkist Valencia Orange juice

1½ cups whole milk

1½ cups heavy cream

½ each vanilla bean pod, scraped

2 tbsp glucose syrup or corn syrup

¼ cup non-fat dry milk powder

⅔ cup granulated sugar

3 egg yolks

Sunkist Valencia Oranges, sliced for garnish


Prep Time: 1 hr

Cook Time: 1 hr

Servings: 6

1 Prepare ice cream making vessel or unit, either an old fashioned churner or an ice cream machine with a motor.

2 Reduce orange juice to 1 cup and ice down to chill.

3 In a saucepan, combine milk, cream, vanilla pods and seeds, and glucose syrup. Place on medium heat until hot, remove from heat. Allow to steep for 30 minutes.

4 In a bowl, combine milk powder and sugar before adding into cream mixture. Whisk to combine. Remove vanilla pods and return mixture to medium heat.

5 In a separate heat-safe bowl, combine egg yolks and zest.

6 In small increments, pour hot mixture over yolks and zest. Mix vigorously while pouring. Then, cook to 185° F to make a crème anglaise.

7 Remove from heat. Run through a fine strainer and hand-blend until smooth.

8 Ice down immediately. Add cooled, reduced juice and hand blend to combine.

9 Follow directions according to your unit to make ice cream.

10 Serve with Sunkist Valencia Orange slices and enjoy!

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