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Finding a Loan with Magilla Loans

I do not have enough time in my day. 


Yet I have to explore all my options if I want to expand my business. My friends built a first-of-its-kind website that matches business borrowers with traditional banks,


Robert Lambert, CEO & President of AndNowUKnow Cut from the same cloth as or, it matches qualified borrowers with multiple lenders. When I go for a loan, I no longer have to shop three or four banks with three years of personal AND business tax returns AND my personal financial statement under my arm, have each of them pull my credit, rake me over the coals, only to find I am at the wrong bank or they can’t offer me a loan.

With Magilla, I answer eleven questions (it took me about thirty seconds), I hit submit, and wait for banks to send me offers. When I received multiple offers they appeared on a clean, easy-to-read, MagChart (think term sheet) where I could clearly compare all the offers in a simple apples-to-apples chart.

I never put my social security number into the site. I never put my name on the site. There was nothing specific to me except the email I gave them.


Totally anonymous.


Yes, I still have to go into the bank to close the loan, but the time savings is legendary. And, I did it all from my laptop or iPhone in bed.


Check out for all your lending needs; these guys are revolutionizing the business lending marketplace.