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Discover: Ricoh Theta S

Take a moment and insert yourself into this scenario: You know you have something innovative, new, and ground-breaking at your operation. A new packinghouse, a cutting-edge production line, your latest crop—if only you could get the right set of retail eyes on it, you’d be able to clinch that deal you’ve been dreaming of for months. The only problem? Those retailers’ schedules are booked months, maybe a year in advance. So, do you spend that next year waiting, letting your competitors catch up to that state-of-the-art technology you’ve so passionately developed? 

What if you didn’t have to?

With the Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera, that real-time visual data that you so desperately wish you had at your fingertips is now exactly that—just a button click away, and at a cost-effective price. Whether you’re a retailer looking to cut out that one extra business trip to tour a facility, a marketer looking for the next captivating presentation tool for your company’s latest tech, a farmer looking to get up-to-the-minute eyes on his or her acreage, or a real estate developer experimenting with new architectural possibilities, the Theta S can help you get your business done in a way that feels like it’s straight out of a science fiction novel. 

Effortlessly creating a 360 degree, panoramic graphic, which can be viewed on Youtube, Facebook, or with a VR headset, was once reserved for professional photographers with the budgets to match. Over the last year, the developments in home 360 photography and video have been staggering. You can now purchase a 360 degree camera that promises high-quality and immersive imagery, but at a price point that is actually cost-effective for a business.

We aren’t just touting this new technology for its possibilities. AndNowUKnow has been utilizing the Theta camera for the past six months, from our trips down to Mexico’s fertile growing regions to Leamington, Ontario’s high-tech greenhouse operations. We have been able to show growers and retailers alike, the real-time capabilities that make the camera so enticing. Having that powerful technology right in my pocket, and being able to shoot a 360 image and send it right to the other person’s smartphone in a matter of seconds, reaffirmed my belief that the Theta camera could be the next wave of produce industry innovation.

Of all the 360 degree cameras on the market now, the Ricoh Theta S is, pound for pound, the best immersive VR camera out there. At $349.95 you’ll be able to shoot in 1080p HD at 30fps for up to 25 minutes at a time. The camera comes with its own built-in wifi, and the cherry on top: the Theta S allows you to livestream your 360 degree imagery, with instant feedback from the camera to transfer footage to your phone or mobile device without bulky wires or cables. 

Past iterations of the 360 degree camera have suffered from exactly that pitfall—bulkiness. The Snack staff started our 360 degree camera journey with the Iris 360, and while we were amazed at the capacity of the technology, just one year later, the sleek, higher-resolutioned Theta S was blowing it out of the Live View - Check the exposure and white balance while shooting, using the dedicated smartphone appwater. Roughly the size of a chocolate bar or a first-generation iPod, the Theta S can fit in your pocket, but still comes standard with a tripod mount and all the high-end shutter settings you’d expect from the most professional conventional cameras. The Iris 360 not only lacked video, but came with none of the extra features that make the Theta S an obvious choice for investment.

Bottom line: The Theta S is the high-end, cost-effective presentation tool of the future. Whereas you’d once have to factor in tight schedules, industry politics, and most importantly, costliness, into getting the right eyes on your latest operational innovation, now all you need? A Theta S and a smartphone, or better yet, a VR headset. Take your operation into the next stage of technological ingenuity with the Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera.