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My Favorite Things

Julianna St. Geme, Associate Marketing Manager, Mission Produce

Avocados are not the only things Julianna has her eye on. With passions spanning beyond her day-to-day produce operations, from barre classes to interior design, we just had to know what keeps her motivated and inspired. So we asked Julianna, and here are a few of her favorite things.

  • 1Shoes
  • 4Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • 7Barre Fitness
  • 2Taco Salads
  • 5My Grandmother’s Paintings
  • 8Interior Design
  • 3King Charles Cavaliers
  • 6Peonies
  • 9Avocados

"I come from a long line of very fashionable women."1
"It’s my (and at least 10 of my relatives’) Alma Mater."4
"Pilates + ballet + fun music = workout win!"7
"They combine two of my loves — salads and Mexican food."2
"She was an amazing artist; her work covers every wall of my apartment!"5
"I obsess over decorating details."8
"I plan to take one home in the next year!"3
"My favorite trip to the store is the one when they are finally in season!"6
"I sincerely eat them with everything; I have the best job!"9