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Ojai Pixie Tangerines

  • Flavor: Intensely sweet, deep citrus flavor
  • Aroma: Sweet, Floral
  • Attributes: Generally smaller than an average tangerine, pebbly, light orange skin, easy to peel, and 100 percent seedless
  • Season: Mid March–May

Navel Oranges

  • Flavor: Refreshingly tart with rich vanilla finish
  • Aroma: Sweet, floral
  • Attributes: Small navel formation on the blossom end, easy to peel, and virtually seedless
  • Season: November–June

Page Mandarin

  • Flavor: Wonderful rich flavor
  • Aroma: Crisp, citrus scent
  • Attributes: Prominent circle on blossom end
  • Season: December–January

Meyer Lemons

  • Flavor: Unique sweeter taste and lower acidity, hints of sweet lime, lemon, and mandarin
  • Aroma: Rich, lemon blossom/floral, sweet lime, lemon, and mandarin
  • Attributes: Cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange; bright yellow or rich and orange-yellow color
  • Season: Year-round

Pink Variegated Lemon

  • Flavor: Slightly less acidic than conventional lemons
  • Aroma: Bright, crisp
  • Attributes: These lemons are prized as much for their beauty as they are for their flavor. Pink on the inside with a yellow and green striped rind.
  • Season: Year-round

Valencia Oranges

  • Flavor: Known for their perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors and high juice content
  • Aroma: Orange blossom
  • Attributes: Differentiated from other orange varieties by thin, slightly pebbly rind and occasional seeds
  • Season: February–early November

Satsuma Mandarins

  • Flavor: Refreshing with warm, tropical hints
  • Aroma: Sweet honeysuckle aroma
  • Attributes: Varying in shape from flat to necked, peel and segment easily, and are seedless
  • Season: Mid October–December

Gold Nugget Mandarins

  • Flavor: Rich, extremely sweet flavor
  • Aroma: Sweet citrus
  • Attributes: Bright and slightly bumpy rind, and are seedless, sweet, and easy to peel
  • Season: Mid March–mid May

Minneola Tangelos

  • Flavor: Bold, tangy flavor and bursting with juice
  • Aroma: Robust, tart orange aroma
  • Attributes: Cross between a grapefruit and tangerine, a deep orange with a knob-like formation at the stem end; few if any seeds, peels easily
  • Season: Mid December–April

Blood Oranges

  • Flavor: Intensely sweet, deep citrus flavor
  • Aroma: Sweet, Floral
  • Attributes: Generally smaller than an average tangerine, pebbly, light orange skin, easy to peel, and 100 percent seedless
  • Season: Mid march-May

Clementine & W. Murcott & Tango Mandarins

  • Flavor: Crisp apricot nectar flavor and a rich “raisin-y” aftertaste
  • Aroma: Sweet, wildflower, pomegranate aroma
  • Attributes: Unique rounded middle, flat top and bottom medium sized fruit with deep orange smooth, glossy skin, seedless, easy to peel
  • Season: November–May

Cara Cara Navel Oranges

  • Flavor: Extremely sweet with a tangy cranberry-like zing and cherry undertones
  • Aroma: Pleasingly tropical
  • Attributes: Rich pink pulp with orange exterior with few if any seeds
  • Season: December–mid May

Eureka & Lisbon Lemons

  • Flavor: Distinct tangy flavor that compliments both sweet and savory foods
  • Aroma: Crisp, floral smell
  • Attributes: Two different types are virtually indistinguishable from each other, bright yellow with medium to slightly pebbly skin, most popular citrus fruit used in cooking today
  • Season: Year-round


  • Flavor: Perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors, extremely juicy
  • Aroma: Subtly sweet, sour cherry
  • Attributes: Minor differences in rind color, texture, and thickness; ruby and red varieties have yellow skin which develop a deep rose blush; major distinction found in the flesh, which ranges from very light pink in early Marsh Rubies to a rich, dark red in the Rio
  • Season: Year-round

Key Limes AKA Mexican or West Indian Lime

  • Flavor: Fresh, tangy taste
  • Aroma: Highly crisp aromatic attributes
  • Attributes: Generally round with straw yellow flesh and a thin, leathery skin, ranging from light green to yellow
  • Season: Year-round

Citriburst Finger Limes

  • Flavor: Similar to a lemonlime-grapefruit combination
  • Aroma: Unique refreshing lime, citrus
  • Attributes: Not related to a lemon or a lime, considered a micro-citrus with tiny fruit pearls in a wide range of colors
  • Season: Mid-July through late December/early January

Persian Limes

  • Flavor: Distinctive piney flavor
  • Aroma: Spicy, floral
  • Attributes: Typically sold while still dark green in color, gradually turn light green as they ripen; virtually seedless
  • Season: Year-round

Oro Blanco / Melo Gold

  • Flavor: Oro: Juicy sweet, bitter membranes; Melo: Sweet, but less than pummelo
  • Aroma: Sweet for both
  • Attributes: Oro: Slightly larger than grapefruit, thick green-yellow rind; Melo: Larger than Oro, thinner rind
  • Season: Oro: Oct–Dec
    Melo: Nov–Jan


  • Flavor: Sweet with a candied almond aftertaste
  • Aroma: Zesty, slightly tropical with a hint of jasmine and lime
  • Attributes: Largest of all citrus fruit, thick, dark green peel that fades to yellow as season progresses
  • Season: Mid October–mid May