All your grape needs in one placeThe ultimate back-to-school treat!

A Closer Look at Bravante Vineyards California Table Grapes

The California table grape category is a produce department mover and shaker, and Bravante Vineyards is continuing to support the groundwork it has laid with buyers as the team sets up shop with retail partners for the fall harvest. With ranches in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Bravante harvests 17 different varieties in all three traditional colors, from start to finish, bringing the Bravante program late in the season into mid-December.

From Arra Fire and Flame to Ivory and Princess and Summer Royal, the retail mix is sure to please. In addition, the high-end, premium product comes in elegantly designed pouch bags and clamshells that align with the premium quality and value of the grapes themselves. The California table grape destination in produce departments demands a presentation that is ripe for the consumer looking to bring the sweet treat home to their family and friends!

Shipments leave the company’s Fowler, and Madera, California, facilities throughout the season, making their way into partnering retailers’ locations. The best presentation is one that speaks for itself and Bravante does just that with its clean and classy 3 lb clamshell.

Making each day a “grape” escape, is not such a stretch with a partner like Bravante Vineyards.