A Closer Look at B&W Power 4 Blend

Springtime is upon us, ushering in a season of shoppers who will need to look no further than B&W’s Power 4™ blend for fresh and flavorful produce. The nutrient-rich mixture includes watercress, arugula, baby red leaf kale, and baby spinach, and will surely satisfy customers.

Power 4 delivers four vibrant beneficial greens in one convenient bag. Packed to the brim with 20 essential vitamins and minerals—including vitamins A and C, calcium, protein, potassium, and fiber—this potent blend of greens serves up a one-two punch of health benefits and flavor. Baby red leaf kale brings a sweet, nutty element; watercress adds a peppery zing; arugula touts a tangy taste; and baby spinach rounds out the mix with its mild earthiness.

The ready-to-eat mixture is triple-washed, gently air-tunnel dried, and packed to reduce spoilage and preserve the freshness and flavor that B&W is known for. The Power 4 blend comes in 1.5 and 3 lb bags and is available to patrons at retail in a newly redesigned 4 oz bag.

Shoppers should have no problem finding uses for the blend, as there are a plethora of applications for the invigorating greens. While salads are the first to come to mind, Power 4 is easily blended into smoothies or hummus for a splash of color and nutrition, sautéed with eggs or meat, or even nestled atop a slice of pizza! The combination of taste, nutrients, and practicality makes Power 4 a no-brainer for consumers.