Straight from the fields

A Closer Look at Stemilt It’s Red® Apple Juice

It’s delicious. It’s one-of-a-kind. It’s Red®. No, really—that’s the name of the the latest product innovation from the folks at Stemilt Growers. It’s Red is a juice made using Stemilt’s proprietary RedWave™ red-fleshed apples, giving this product an eye-popping color and unique flavor that will have consumers clamoring for casefuls.

But beyond that bright blush, It’s Red also brings beauty to grocery shelves with a bold packaging design. The transparent 46 oz bottle allows the natural loveliness of the red apple juice to shine, while the branding wrapped around has clear messaging that speaks to highlights like its mega-punch of vitamin C and ingredient list of simply apples.

Stemilt’s merchandising experts let us in on another secret weapon that It’s Red has for retail produce managers looking to build sales in their departments—the product is 100 percent shelf-stable! Instead of trying to squeeze It’s Red into the already crowded juice section, it can be displayed in the produce section right next to the apples or cross-merchandised with other products—It’s Red cocktails, anyone?

It’s Red 46 oz juice bottles sparkle both on the shelf and off. Along with the deep ruby color, RedWave apples also give this product its compelling and unique flavor that will have consumers reaching for It’s Red every time they catch its signature glint in the produce department.