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A Closer Look at West Pak Lil’ ‘Cados: Just the Ripe size

There really isn’t much I wouldn’t pair with an avocado. Thankfully, consumers now have the perfect ratio of avo-can’t-do-without-you to meal ingredients with West Pak™ Lil’ ‘Cados: Just the Ripe Size.

The smaller-in-stature fruit offers a value-added option for retailers, while catering to the needs of consumers to help reduce food waste with a perfect-sized avocado. To make that clear for consumers, the label showcases an illustrated avocado stating, “Single Serving Avocados.”

West Pak’s beloved beauties come in both conventional and organic, too, so there is something for all visitors. The inverted color palette makes it easy for consumers to spot which type they are purchasing. Yellow—marking the organic pouch—boasts a bright background that is proudly stamped with a logo stating “100% Organic Avocados” in the top left corner. A vibrant green welcomes consumers looking for conventional avocados.

Both versions of the label, though, possess the American Heart Association’s Certified logo on the top right corner, shining like a beacon in white and red to alert consumers that their hearts are safe when falling for Lil’ ‘Cados.

The green mesh bags hold vitamin- and mineral-rich fruits that are a perfectly contained snack or added ingredient for whatever size meal of your pleasure. Whatever your shoppers’ avocado needs, Lil’ ‘Cados have their backs.

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