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A Closer Look at Zespri® SunGold® Kiwifruit

Most people know about what kiwifruit are, but they don’t really know all that much about them. They’re fuzzy, green on the inside (usually), and come from New Zealand—that’s about it. But there’s so much more to kiwifruit, and Zespri is here to educate consumers on its striking SunGolds.

It’s not just the avor that’s drawing in customers, but the fruit’s ashy packaging that features new graphics aimed to educate shoppers on the new SunGold kiwifruit, including how to store them, and even more importantly, how to enjoy them. The new graphics on the one pound clamshell package feature bright, eye-catching colors and an image of the SunGold kiwifruit itself—exposing shoppers to its lovely yellow esh, and encouraging them to grab a spoon and scoop out the good stu !

The yellow- eshed beauties are sure to capture the eyes and hearts of consumers, and with the fruit’s unique avor, they’ll be clamoring for them all year-round. Sweeter than traditional kiwifruit, Zespri’s SunGolds only get sweeter as they ripen, making them the perfect cure to a sugar craving. Though unique and distinct, the avor is also subtle and smooth, so the taste complements other avors in a dish, meaning SunGold kiwifruit can play nice with salads and salsas, or parfaits and fancy French tarts.

Zespri SunGold kiwifruit o ers shoppers a sweet treat, packed with nutrients, and none of the guilt!