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Up Close With Houweling’s Tomatoes® sweetoms premium grape tomatoes


With more and more tomatoes making headway in the snacking category, Houweling’s is introducing its Signature Selection Premium line with the popular Sweetoms Premium Grape Tomatoes. Houweling’s Signature Selection Tomatoes deliver a high-flavor eating experience that includes outstanding texture, appearance, and consistent quality. All of Houweling’s Signature Selection Tomatoes have the specific seed variety declared on the pack, aligning with the company’s desire to differentiate its brand and highlight its investments in high-quality variety selection.  For Sweetoms Premium Grape Tomatoes, Houweling’s marks each pack with the variety “Sweetelle.” This ensures that consumers who seek out Houweling’s Signature Selection Tomatoes will consistently enjoy a premium eating experience. Signature Section Sweetoms Premium Grape Tomatoes are available in 2 lb. clamshells, 2 lb. Top Seal bowls, or 1 dry pint clamshells. Locally grown at Houweling’s greenhouse farms in California, Utah, and British Columbia, the company’s tomatoes are available year-round.