Peruvian Onions

WTF Do I Do With
Catania Worldwide Black Mission Figs ?!

‐ Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza ‐

2 small Catania Worldwide black mission figs, sliced 

Medium-sized thin pizza crust, storebought or homemade

Tomato sauce of choice

½ cup Cubanelle or long hot peppers, chopped 

1 cup portobello mushrooms, sliced

2 cups mozzarella 

½ cup goat cheese 

½ cup onions, thinly sliced

1 cup spinach, optional

Semolina powder for dusting


Prep Time: 30–45 min

Cook Time: 9–11 min

Servings: 7–8 slices


1 Preheat oven to 425° F.

2 Sauté spinach (optional), onions, and mushrooms lightly in olive oil. 

3 Coat a baking sheet with semolina powder before placing pizza on it. 

4 Add tomato sauce, spreading across entire pizza crust. Top with mozzarella, covering entire pizza. Add sautéed vegetables, peppers, and fig slices. Lightly sprinkle goat cheese over fig slices. 

5 Bake for 9–11 minutes or until well done and enjoy!

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