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Mentors in the Making

Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales, Pure Flavor®

When Tiffany Sabelli picks up the phone just days after a busy start to 2023, a wave of serenity passes over me. This industry whiz carries an energy that immediately alleviates any fear of judgment—while possessing all of the qualities it takes to continue elevating the Pure Flavor® brand as its Director of Sales.

If her warmth and affability are any reflection of her leadership strategies in guiding the greenhouse grower’s sales team to limitless success, then it’s no wonder this expert has climbed the ladder to such a vital position.

“I wasn’t intentionally seeking a career in produce,” Tiffany begins as I ask her to recount her journey to fresh. “I had studied accounting for four-and-a-half years at Brock University near Niagara Falls, where I had the opportunity to do my co-op program at an accounting firm in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. While I loved the numbers, I didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t communicating often with others, and there was very little creativity involved with the work.”

Unlike many of us with an affinity for data and numbers, Tiffany’s heart was also beckoned by a strong desire to embrace her creative nature. This pull toward a more dynamic career opportunity is what landed her a desk at Pure Flavor’s headquarters, where President Jamie Moracci stepped in as Tiffany’s first industry adviser.

“When I started at Pure Flavor, I joined as a Sales Assistant. I was really lucky to be privy to the information crossing Jamie’s desk, which gave me exposure to the entire business and the different decisions that were being made. Pure Flavor was expanding operations and growing as an organization, and I felt like I could make a difference there,” Tiffany reflects. “Jamie gave me confidence in my abilities in this role, and he let me take on any challenge if I took initiative. He was always there to give me constructive feedback but never micromanaged my work, and he constantly showed mutual respect for me and my opinion.”

"Pure Flavor was expanding operations and growing as an organization, and I felt like I could make a difference there."

- Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales, Pure Flavor®

Over the course of 10 years, Tiffany took on several positions within the company, occupying the role of Sales Assistant, Sales Associate, Key Account Manager, and, now, Director of Sales.

Along this impressive journey, she crossed paths with an influential buy-side expert: Sharlene Taylor, Assistant General Merchandise Manager for Costco Wholesale Fresh Foods.

“Sharlene and I met when she was the hothouse buyer at Costco. I have always respected her as a leader. I had already looked up to Sharlene because she was a woman who had seen massive success in her career, and I thought of her as someone who paved the way as a female in our industry,” Tiffany tells me. “She’s always approachable and down to Earth, and no matter what advancements she makes in her career, she constantly makes a point to say hello.”

Further gravitating toward powerful women in the world of fresh, Tiffany began extending her network outside of the greenhouse sector, forming a sister-like connection with Bolthouse Farms’ National Sales Director Melissa Pine.

“Melissa is one of my newer relationships in the industry, but one I really look forward to utilizing because I think she has a lot to teach me. We first connected at Southern Exposure a few years ago, and since then, we have become really good friends. She is an incredibly hard worker, and it is so nice to have somebody to bounce ideas off of and problem-solve with.”

When Tiffany speaks to me about each of her beloved industry guides, the deep admiration in her tone almost says more than the words themselves.

That is what it truly means to be a mentor; to instill a level of confidence and inspiration that directly feeds the flame of an individual’s ambition. And in cases like Tiffany’s, yet another praiseworthy mentor is born.

One can only imagine what the next generation of leaders will look like when steered by this admirable industry ace.The Snack Endstop

The Mentors

Here is what they have to say about Tiffany


Jamie Moracci,

President, Pure Flavor®

“Tiffany came to Pure Flavor fresh out of university with no experience in the produce industry. She was hired as a Sales Assistant, and from day one she showed a dedicated work ethic, willingness to learn, and, above all else, had a confident demeanor and could make tough decisions under pressure. These qualities are the reason she is our Director of Sales today. She is a trusted member of our leadership team that has helped guide Pure Flavor on the tremendous growth path we have already experienced and continue to experience.”

Sharlene Taylor,

Assistant General Merchandise Manager, Costco Wholesale Fresh Foods

“I’ve known Tiffany for a few years, and right away I knew she had a curious mind, which is powerful. Over the years, I’ve watched her develop as a natural leader and have the ability to motivate, nurture, and guide those around her. She is disciplined and understands that being an effective leader requires learning and practice. Tiffany has always been one to anticipate, which makes her a visionary. She is an individual who is a goal-setter and inspires others to take the initiative necessary for success. Tiffany is truly a Mentor in the Making.”

Melissa Pine,

National Sales Director, Bolthouse Farms

“It’s an absolute pleasure to see Tiffany recognized for her contribution to the industry as a mentor. Over two years ago, Tiff and I were stuck in a never-ending coffee line at Southern Exposure where we really connected. The conversation continued until after we had our coffee, as we discussed the industry, business, and life—we may have been oblivious that we were creating an obstacle to the milk and sugar station. Our relationship took root that day and has grown ever since. I admire Tiff’s work ethic, compassion, confidence, ability to help others in the industry (especially women), and, of course, her fashion sense. The catalyst of what makes Tiff a great mentor in the industry is her passion for produce while leading and including those around her.”