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My Favorite Things

Greg Au, Corporate Sales Manager, Allen Lund Company

The sun rising over the mountain peaks, the wind in his face and hair…these are just some of the highlights of life that rank among Greg Au’s favorites. The Corporate Sales Manager for Allen Lund Company’s Software division has a way of capturing the moments to inspire any one of us to join him on an adventure or sit back and enjoy the view. Explore and immerse yourself in this wise industry member’s favorite things…

  • My Family
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Coaching
  • Sunday Mornings
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Music
  • Exercising Outdoors
  • Travel
  • Books

"They are everything, even if I can’t often find a single photo with all of us."
"And make it a 90-minute one."
"It’s a joy mentoring young people."
"Relaxing with a cup of coffee and reading the paper."
"Enjoying a just-picked peach or strawberries."
"Live music and musicals are an experience."
"Skiing, especially, is a great one."
"Especially eating at a ‘locals’ place."
"Particularly those on self-improvement."