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My Favorite Things

Heather Fuller, Senior Director of Sales, Braga Fresh Family Farms/Josie’s Organics

Connecting historic sophistication with modern taste, this Senior Director of Sales knows how to keep things fresh and whimsical. Heather Fuller takes you down a winding path of grace, wisdom, and fun. Ready yourself as we dive into her world of favorite things...

  • Champagne
  • Broccoli
  • Real Estate and Interior Design
  • Historical Fiction
  • Pilates
  • Watching My Son, Brody, Play Sports
  • Traveling to New Places
  • Cooking and Shopping
  • The Beach

"I love making and trying champagne-based craft cocktails."
"Josie’s Organics, of course!"
"Especially fun to see when you travel."
"Reading about European monarchies is the best!"
"Nothing better for your core."
"Football, basketball, husband Jason and I watch it all!"
"Champagne while people-watching at a café is the best way to take in a new city."
"Girl time with my daughters Alexandra and Samantha is the best."
"Looking for shells on the beach with Samantha is our relaxing place."