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My Favorite Things

Jan DeLyser, Recently Retired Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission

If you’ve had the opportunity to work with the illustrious Jan DeLyser, you know there is nothing she wouldn’t do for the California avocado industry. The fierce marketer and advocate for supply-side producers has made her mark on our industry for the past 47 years, and we’d like to take this opportunity to hear what mattered most to her. Following her recent retirement from the California Avocado Commission (CAC), Jan shared a few of her favorite things about working in the produce sector…

  • California Avocados
  • Growers and Their Groves
  • Mentoring
  • The People
  • Handlers and Their Packinghouses
  • Trade Associations
  • CAC Customers
  • Industry Events
  • CAC Staff and Agencies

"Who doesn’t love them?"
"They offer total serenity and peace."
"This works both ways—both great to give and to receive!"
"My forever friends."
"I had the privilege to share information with folks who wanted to understand."
"They provided me with opportunities to volunteer."
"Our valued retailers and foodservice operators."
"There were opportunities to network, get to see people, and meet new people."
"Offering unbelievable 'in-the-trenches' support."