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My Favorite Things

Angelic Meza, Marketing Manager, Church Brothers Farms

You can tell right away when you meet someone made for this industry. They have a hunger, passion, and perseverance that is contagious. That is Angelic Meza. As an industry up-and-comer, Angelic lives her life to create new experiences and soak up every bit of joy along the way. With so much dedication and commitment to her trade, I had to know how these qualities play out in her personal life and journey as well…

  • My Honey
  • The Office
  • Nana
  • My Family
  • Blankets
  • My Morning Cup
  • Sports
  • White Rice
  • My Funko Pop! Collection

"I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without my love, Efren, who is one of my biggest supporters."
"My most favorite show ever, you should see my desk."
"She is the coolest. I love her so much."
"They are my biggest cheerleaders."
"Whether I am home or in my car, I will always be snuggled in a blanket."
"Others drink coffee in the morning; I drink Frappuccinos!"
"I love to watch and talk sports. I especially love the Las Vegas Raiders and Oakland A’s!"
"If I were on a deserted island with one food, it would be white rice."
"Currently of only The Office characters, sitting at 61—still on the hunt for more!"