Peruvian Onions

My Favorite Things

Kiah Ruvalcaba, Marketing Director, Fowler Packing

Adventure is the tip of the iceberg for this fun-loving fresh produce marketer. Kiah Ruvalcaba knows that overcoming fear is simply a part of the ride, continuously seeking out new opportunities to grow and learn. Her favorite things are some of the most wide-ranging I’ve ever seen—and I believe that’s exactly what makes her such an asset to this industry. Dive in with me as we take a peek at some of Kiah’s favorite things...

  • Traveling
  • Animals
  • Current Events
  • Comedy
  • Cold Weather
  • The Outdoors
  • True Crime
  • Trying New Things
  • Art

"I’ve traveled to five of the seven continents—and counting. I love exploring new cultures and food."
"I’m a dog mom to Bugsy (above) and Bentley (below). I love animals!"
"I’m a total news junkie."
"I love a good laugh. I seek out comedy clubs on every trip I take."
"Having grown up in California’s Central Valley, I always seek places with cool and cloudy weather."
"I grew up hiking and camping with my family and still love it to this day."
"It’s my guilty pleasure. I’ve seen all the documentaries and listened to all the podcasts."
"I like challenges. I’ve run half marathons, cycled a century ride, and gone skydiving."
"Reading, music, photography, painting, or decorating—I enjoy any creative outlet."