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My Favorite Things

Leslie Lawrence, Operations Manager, Joe Produce

From furry friends to swimming and hot yoga, this industry advocate has a love and passion that extends beyond fresh produce—but, lucky for us, she adores her fruits and veggies. Working at Joe Produce has allowed her the gift of getting to know people from all walks of life. So, we had to ask Leslie Lawrence, could we turn the tables and have the chance to get to know her just a little bit more?

  • Family and Friends
  • Ping Pong
  • Cooking and Food Prep
  • Travel
  • Beads
  • Hot Yoga
  • Coffee
  • Animals
  • Swimming

"I cherish them all. Life is short; in the end, these are the greatest treasures."
"Love the game! People are surprised how I can turn it on when competing—I get that from my dad."
"I’m always cooking. Must be the Italian in me! I learned from my Nana!"
"Exploring new places and countries with my husband, Rex. We both love Paris and Maui."
"I’m always wearing some kind of beaded bracelets; most with sentimental value."
"Feels so good to sweat and stretch! I will get my teaching certificate someday."
"Finding new (to us) coffee houses with my daughter, Jordan, is one of life’s little pleasures."
"From our pets at home to SPCA volunteering, there is often at least one dog in the Joe Produce office."
"A great low-impact workout."