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My Favorite Things

Ashleigh Lombardi Young, Marketing, Communication, and Development, Pacific International Marketing

There are some people in this world with personalities like magnets—pulling you in with the sheer force of their infectious enthusiasm for life. One person that immediately comes to mind is Ashleigh Lombardi Young. Drawing others in with her sense of excitement, I discovered what charges this magnetic spirit when her fresh produce hat comes off…

  • Family and Friends
  • Saturday Mornings
  • Our Dogs
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Salinas Valley Fair
  • Cake4Kids
  • Christmas Gift Wrapping
  • Craft Cocktails and Appetizers
  • California Hideouts

"Those that I love, look up to, and endlessly support."
"Waking up early, grabbing a blanket, and hitting the couch with my coffee is THE BEST!"
"Sadie and Sammy, the cutest duo ever!"
"I really do love this journey for me."
"My favorite time of year! It’s a fantastic way to support the local area."
"Baking cakes for the underserved youth in Monterey County, California, is a special way to give back."
"I enjoy it so much I started a side hustle wrapping and creating gift boxes year-round."
"My chosen version of “wine and dine.”"
"Downtown Paso Robles and Lake Nacimiento are some my favorites to explore."