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A Closer Look at Fresh Energy Organic Date Line

Symmetry is something we all seek, finding beauty in mirror images and balance. Already colorful, distinctive, and attention-grabbing, Atlas Produce’s Fresh Energy™ line now checks all the boxes of what pleases the eye by complementing its conventional date line with an organic counterpart.

The company has rolled out organic Date Rolls, Chopped Dates, and Deglets, doubling the reach of a brand that already seeks to hook adventurous consumers looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with a not-so-guilty pleasure.

Like their conventional siblings, each organic product has a distinct color palette that consumers can recognize and grab again when they come back for more. And, as someone who is already hooked on the Coconut Rolls—organic and conventional—I can personally guarantee they will.

Fresh Energy’s brand, both digitally and physically, feels less like a traditional produce motif and more like a Nike or Adidas campaign, making dates exciting and attractive.

While this approach keys into those specifically looking for a fresh, healthy alternative to bolster an active lifestyle—much of the images tied to the brand are of running, climbing, and other sport moments—it also touches on an indulgent nerve. Rolled in almonds or coconuts, many of the rolls, in particular, look like they should be gifted with roses.

I’ll say it—they’re sexy, rocking the date world with an appeal usually held by items dipped in chocolate. And now, with an organic option for each choice, literally any shopper can be persuaded to fall.