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A Closer Look at Bard Valley Natural Delights® Medjool Date Strips With Tajín®

When I first sprinkled Tajín® on a slice of mango, my life was altered—how could I resist putting this on every piece of fruit I encountered? And why was I not finding more options like this at the grocery store?

It seems Bard Valley Natural Delights® heard my woeful pleas and took to creating a powerhouse of flavor. Partnering with Tajín itself, the date provider brought Medjool Date Strips to the market.

Available in a variety of formats such as 6 oz pouches or 10 oz tubs, the packaging brilliantly highlights the flavors found within. The green and red stripes that frame the tub speak to the bright bite of lime and the gentle heat of chili. The image of the product sits in the center, drawing in shoppers like a siren draws a sailor.

The ease in which you could merchandise this product is astonishing, given that marketing fresh produce alongside Tajín is already proven to boost produce sales. Bard Valley makes it even easier with arresting merchandising displays and point-of-sale (POS) materials.

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