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A Closer Look at Bee Sweet Citrus Mandarin Point-of-Sale Line

The potential a pop of color can bring to a produce department cannot be overstated. Combined with distinctive messaging and a brand built on consumer loyalty, retail operators are finding a fruitful bottom line and vibrant look for their Mandarin destinations this year—all with the help of Bee Sweet Citrus.

While Bee Sweet Mandarins are themselves an eye-catching beacon of taste, the company is also bringing point-of-sale (POS) solutions to level up the retail citrus game. Presented with high-graphic bins, standing signs, and bee cutouts, the produce department can tease the eye, the palate, and the basket for citrus customers of every age group.

Each bin can hold either ten 3 lb mesh bags or six 5 lb mesh bags of Bee Sweet Mandarins, making them an easy grab-and-go addition to shoppers’ grocery lists. Messaging is key for Bee Sweet as well, with a program tailored to representing the home of its growing operations in Fowler, California.

Mandarins are a snack that’s filling, packed with nutrients, and taste great. With their easy-to-peel and incredibly versatile qualities, Bee Sweet Mandarins are suitable for the entire family! Get your customers to #eatmorecitrus this year, and keep coming back for more.The Snack Endstop