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A Closer Look at Fresh Prep Green Fork Salad Kits

When I think of something healthy, my mind immediately conjures up a bowl of salad. It’s not a boring bowl slathered in dressing, mind you. The salad I see is exciting, crunchy, flavorful, fresh, and oh-so-delicious. What is this drool-worthy offering? Why, it’s none other than Boskovich Fresh Food Group’s subsidiary Fresh Prep’s new Green Fork products—the Everything But The Burger™ salad kit, to be exact.

Featuring vegetables chopped to bite-sized perfection, each green bag includes a hefty serving with a delicious secret burger sauce dressing to complement the farm-fresh flavors found within. The salad’s packaging is brightly colored and inviting, bringing curious eyes closer. And, once the bag is picked up, I’m willing to bet my big spork it’ll go straight into the basket.

Talk about easy mid-week meals! The new salad kits are a healthy solution for busy lifestyles and are packed with flavor. With a variety of healthy veg and accoutrements, it’ll be hard to pass up the taste of a burger sans the burger bun carbs.

Everything But The Burger and All Hail Lemon Kale™ are the newest additions to the Green Fork brand, and hungry shoppers will be eager to try out Marvelous Mediterranean™ and Slammin’ Sesame™ as well once they polish off their first bag.

Be sure to stock the whole range of Green Fork salads for the ultimate satisfying shopping trip, and you’ll see repeat shoppers coming back for more.The Snack Endstop