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A Closer Look at New Fair Earth Farms Organic Salad Kits

What a beautiful thing it is to be able to say my packaged salads and greens feed both me and the soil from which their ingredients sprung. The cyclical nature of such a feat has been attempted by many and achieved by few, with Boskovich Fresh Food Group’s subsidiary, Fresh Prep, bringing a new standard to the organic value-added produce set.

Showcasing a range of salad kit flavors, including Superfood Crunch and Honey Coconut Cashew, and four salad greens blends—Baby Spinach, Baby Arugula, Spring Mix, and Power Greens—the new SKUs come in plant-based, fully compostable bags printed using water-based inks that will break down into rich, organic soil. This accomplishment hits the trifecta of wins, unifying consumers’, buy-side operators’, and this trade news writer’s desire for sustainable packaging solutions to come to fruition.

These salad kit and blend options, while stunning by their produce elements alone, are further supported by a packaging aesthetic that does not rival the ingredients—it elevates them. The Organic Superfood Crunch Salad Kit, for example, catches the eye while inciting a craving with its diverse fresh produce promise. And, while the head and shoulders of the bag boast a vibrant but earthy chartreuse, the bottom half reveals a palate-pleasing collage of nutrition and color completely nature-made.

So, eat with your eyes, retailers. With the new Fair Earth Farms Organic Salad Kits and Salad Blends, both consumption and sales will start before consumers have even left the produce department.The Snack Endstop