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A Closer Look at Chelan Fresh Holiday Rockit Shuttle Pack

I love fresh produce that is dressed to impress. Personally, I love it even more when it walks the fine line between intriguing the eye with strategic packaging and letting the product speak for itself. Achieving this balance is a vision that Chelan Fresh knows well and executes with marketing prowess as we move through the holiday push.

With the company’s year-round Rockit™ apple program shooting for the stars and promotional opportunities abounding, Chelan Fresh is launching a new aesthetic vision for its holiday shuttle pack for the benefit of the buy-side bounty.

The new 100 percent rPET-sourced packaging with a winter wonderland design taps upcycling consumer campaigns and lights up the fresh produce aisle, especially when accompanied by merchandising bins and sleeves. As dynamic as the packaging might be, the flavor and portability of these pocket-sized apples are where the new consumer becomes a repeat shopper.

With a targeted consumer brand-building campaign behind the program and organic production underway, retail apple destinations will go from typical to tantalizing.

Rockit apples are the perfect size for kids and the kid in everyone—ideal for on-the-go eating, a snacking break, or just for those apple lovers who value a unique, sweet flavor and crunchy texture over all else. 

Don’t have enough pockets? Get those shoppers a shuttle pack!