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A Closer Look at Family Tree Farms Packaging Rebrand

Autumn is a time of transformation—of shedding leaves of old to prepare for something fresher and stronger.

Family Tree Farms has taken this and packaged it, quite literally, in a brand refresh. In one sweeping launch, the company has captured a new, elevated presence for the eyes while preserving the heart of an image that already accomplished so much before being reborn. 

Spotlighting its exclusive blueberry and stonefruit varieties, Family Tree Farms’ modern take on its label rolls out the red carpet for produce packs. From a beautiful crimson apricot basket and pouch bag to a tasteful level-up for its staple plumcot clamshell, the rebrand directly reflects the vibrant, high-quality fruit the company is known for, tying the eyes inextricably to the stomach. 

The wallet, in turn, will delightedly play those strings on its way to the register.

Though this may be a season which traditionally sees trees give a last surge before becoming bare, Family Tree Farms will do more than retain its color. Losing only the unnecessary leaves, what is left is a reinvention, revealing that beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but such enamour can certainly be packaged.The Snack Endstop