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A Closer Look At Fowler Packing Organic Peelz® California Mandarins

When Peelz® Mandarins came onto the scene in 2019, the Fowler Packing brand took the industry by storm. Increasing acreage and expanding the line have led to the brand’s Organic Peelz offering, carving out a new opportunity for retailers across the United States. 

As stunning a package as its predecessor, the Organic Peelz bag sports a lively green hue that consumers will automatically connect to the organic quality for which it is known. Available in both 2 and 5 lb bags, the Mandarin packaging bears another striking detail—they’re grown in California. Heralding from the Golden State is an obvious reason to smile, as evidenced by the zip of a grin underneath the Peelz brand name. 

Shoppers will have no reason not to place this item into the basket, as the seedless Mandarins bring delight to everyone looking for a convenient and healthy snack. Besides, the packaging itself looks like the concept of fresh brought to life. There’s no way they’ll turn it away! 

The growing demand for organic and specialty offerings within the Mandarin category position this product as a must-have for citrus programs at retail. Fowler Packing continues to set itself apart by conceptualizing how it can be a strategic partner to the buy-side. 

Gorgeous packaging, ever-expanding lines, and organic production to boot makes Fowler Packing a one-stop shop for the Mandarin category this winter.The Snack Endstop