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A Closer Look at Side Delights® Gourmet Petites

The key to my heart is shaped like a potato. 

While I am a produce lover across the board, there are only a select number of items as adaptable, versatile, and delicious as the timeless potato. Like a chameleon, its ability to change and transform to align with its environment is invaluable, and doesn’t Side Delights® know it.

With more consumers taking to their home kitchens to elevate their personal menus, the potato provider is showcasing its line of Gourmet Petites potatoes for shoppers seeking a tuber with a fine-dining standard. To keep produce departments flush with variety and differentiation, Gourmet Petites are available in Pure Gold, Purple, Fusion Fingerling, and Classic Medley. 

And if the portfolio wasn’t value-driving enough, Side Delights has just recently added a new Choice Russet potato option to the line, harvested small with a delicate, thin skin that is perfect for roasting or barbecuing. 

Pre-washed and presented in a variety of mesh and polybag sizes, this product line is vying for a share of the basket with its clean, elegant design and premium quality to match. 

To give you an idea of what kind of buying group retailers can tap into, Side Delights shared that a recent shopper survey, COVID Dining Journey: Eating at Home and Away From Home, revealed that 92 percent of families plan to continue eating together at home, with some noting they will do so more often than they do now.

With a number like that, the key to my heart is starting to look a lot like the key to retail success.The Snack Endstop