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A Closer Look at Giumarra Companies Honey Pop® Seedless Table Grapes From Mexico

Imagine this: You’ve just finished lacing up a pair of colorful roller skates and are hitting the rink to glide to an eclectic collection of Michael Jackson; Earth, Wind & Fire; and Mariah Carey classics. Wheels on the floor, wind in your hair.

Not only is this a description of my ideal Friday night, but it’s the invigorating aura I get when I come across a bag of Giumarra Companies’ Honey Pop® premium green seedless table grapes on the shelves.

Boasting naturally great flavor, the fun and inviting bag houses the Mexico-grown volume of an early green seedless variety that features an extra crunchy texture and large to extra-large table grapes. A colorful blend of blue, green, and red teases consumers with a light and joyful experience only to be matched by an exceptionally sweet taste that offers up a hint of honeydew-melon flavor.

In addition to quickly catching the eye of consumers in a sea of produce items, the attractive packaging also perfectly complements that of the other varieties in the ARRA family. Produced by a Fair Trade Certified™ grower, the grapes are available from May through June, which means buyers have the perfect opportunity to start planning their programs now.

As soon as shoppers get a taste of these tantalizing table grapes, you can bet they’ll soon be back for a bag—or two—of Giumarra’s other beloved varieties.

As for you, you’ll be grooving to a solid boost in grape sales.The Snack Endstop