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A Closer Look at Gwillimdale Farms Conscious Consumption

Natural. Conscientious. Innovative. These words and more are the benchmarks of Gwillimdale Farms as it pursues a repeat spot within shoppers’ homes. The idea of the Conscious Consumption™ line is driven by both the growers’ and consumers’ desire for higher standards atop retailers’ shelves, and what better way to meet their expectations than by going to the root of the demand?

Packaging is one of the first platforms suppliers look to reinvent and re-establish their stance as a sustainable company. By hitting shoppers’ emotional appeal, eyes-first, Gwillimdale grounds itself as an eco-friendly company. The grower is able to achieve this with the paper-based packaging in its Conscious Consumption line, all while giving number-two white potatoes an eco-friendly spot on the table.

Harnessing artificial intelligence alongside the company’s desire for sustainable agriculture, Gwillimdale is helping divert 20 percent of edible food waste from landfills while offering an environmentally friendly solution to plastic packaging. The bags are simple, informative, and include air holes to help the precious tubers breathe and have a longer shelf-life, further preventing potential food waste once they leave stores.

Compostable. Recyclable. Nutritious. These are the new words your shoppers will leave with as they make their way through your aisles, a bag of consciousness tucked in their arms. The Snack Endstop