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A Closer Look at Jacobs Farm del Cabo’s Paper-Based Clamshell

Displaying the freshness of a product is one of the most surefire ways to capture the consumer’s basket share. However, backing the produce with an Earth-friendly approach is the clincher. With environmental awareness becoming a hot topic in the industry, Jacobs Farm del Cabo is putting its money on the green sustainability column as the roulette wheel of innovation spins.

Made with 100 percent recycled paperboard, the new pack offers a clear view of the fresh produce inside as the plant-based window is made with a compostable cellulose film. Whether it lands in the intended bin or is lost along the way, the pack will naturally degrade and never contribute to long-term plastic pollution, the company notes.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is expecting to reduce its plastic waste by a half-million pounds this year with the switch to paperboard for its organic Sugar Plum Grape Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Heirloom Medley Cherry Tomatoes, making the pot even more enticing to consumers.

The paper-based product is an alternative to the single-use plastic clamshells. With this option now on the table as consumers continually opt for socially and environmentally safe packaging, the odds are favorably high for Jacobs Farm del Cabo’s products and retailers to hit the purchase jackpot.

While we may not have flashing lights and bells chiming in the produce section to direct consumers, we do have innovators on the floor placing heavy investments on green over red and black—and shoppers are gathering around the table to see where the ball lands.The Snack Endstop