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A Closer Look at Lipman Family Farms® Compostable Clamshell

For many consumers, shopping is an equal collaboration between the eyes and the heart. While they may be drawn in by the visually appealing aspects of any packaging, what truly bonds shoppers to a product is the message it shares and the cause it supports.

Lipman Family Farms® new compostable clamshell is an eye-catching new symbol of its commitment to sustainable practices across the supply chain to benefit both the retailer and Mother Earth.

As more shoppers opt for packaging that has a minimal impact on the environment, Lipman has swiftly granted their wishes and offered the buy-side an innovative solution for today’s conscientious consumers.

The unique, eco-friendly clamshell allows shoppers to enjoy the grower’s delicious organic grape tomatoes without compromising their own dedication to sustainability, as it can easily be composted right in their own backyards in approximately six months. 

Carefully designed to showcase Lipman’s Grown True™ organic grape tomatoes, the new packaging also offers direct visibility of the fruit, giving the inviting variety an opportunity to mesmerize consumers from within the box and drive sales across the entire category.

As Lipman Family Farms expands this compostable packaging offering to meet growing demand from consumers, there is no better time to join the supplier and take a seat on the sustainability train.The Snack Endstop