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A Closer Look at Little Bear Produce Fresh-Cut Bagged Greens

Spring denotes fresh beginnings, and nothing exemplifies this better than fresh produce. A great way to entice shoppers to taste the season’s bounty is through value-added products, and Little Bear Produce has just the solution. Pairing convenience with health, the grower is expanding the value-added aisle with Fresh-Cut Bagged Greens.

With five fresh-cut products, the grower hits a wide range of flavor profiles and needs in its new line. While all new SKUs are worth showcasing, my eyes gravitate toward the Greens Trio. The purple bag draws my attention; and the mix of Collard, Turnip, and Mustard Greens gives home cooking various tastes and textures.

In this day of experimentation, having produce in a ready-to-go format is advantageous for impulse buyers looking for healthier products to use in their cooking. Shoppers are also seeking inspiration in the aisle while keeping prep time low; therefore creating more time to enjoy the dish! With this lineup—which also includes Kale, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, and Turnip Greens—consumers would be more inclined to reach for items that are convenient yet experimental to expand their palates.

Consumers are also continuing to widen their produce intake while looking for the freshest product available. With these SKUs, you can assure your shoppers are buying quality with flavor, as they are cut and packed right in the fields.

The Fresh-Cut Bagged Greens line is sold in 1 lb bags with the Kale, Collard Greens, and Turnip Greens varieties also available in 2 lb bags. Little Bear also creates custom packs to match each retailer’s varying needs.

While Spring spreads her warming rays here in the States, get shoppers in the mood for fresh with this can’t-miss lineup. The Snack Endstop